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The Problem:

Uneven distribution of life saving technology

Automobiles have dominated our landscape and way of life for decades. Some vehicles have cutting edge safety technology, such as Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), but most vehicles on the road today don’t have such luxuries.

New Drivers in the US each year

Accidents a year for drivers under 20

Registered Vehicles in the US

Used vehicles older than 2000


Accidents caused by Driver Error


Accidents preventable with ADAS



Vehicles have life saving ADAS


Our Mission:

To make modern safety technology accessible to allĀ 

Drive smarter

Improve your skills and react to threats before you see them

Right Sized Auto Insurance

Get rewarded for making roads safer for everyone

Safe And Secure

Know where your vehicle is and get alerted to theft


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Meet Our Founders

Jeff Zika

Jeff Zika


USNA Navy Vet, Serial Founder

Ex-Microsoft, HP, Compaq, Digital

Jeff Muzzy

Jeff Muzzy


Built MSN and MSNBC

Built Mercedes V2V Back-End

Eric Jacobsen

Eric Jacobsen


Cloud Computing and

SQL Expert

Rob Bowman

Rob Bowman


Microsoft PM for 30 Years

Introduced AGILE to GE

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