Help Us Protect Teenage Drivers

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Only 6% of the vehicles on the road today have the advanced safety systems that can keep our teenage children safe when they get behind the wheel. AirGO.Ai adds these critical life-saving systems to the other 94%.

Join us on our journey to make the roads safer for our children

Auto accidents cause 1.3 million deaths/year worldwide

  • In the USA alone auto accidents cause 40,000 deaths and 2.3 million permanent disablements a year.
  • Driver distraction is a contributing factor in over 94% of all auto accidents.
  • Auto accidents cost the US economy $250 billion a year.
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Over 2 million teenagers start driving every year in the USA

  • Auto accidents are the leading cause of death for drivers under the age of 25.
  • Drivers age 16 & 17 are 3 times more likely to be involved in a fatal auto accident that drivers over 18.
  • More than 3 out of 5 parents stated they feel somewhat to very uncomfortable when their teenage children drive.
  • 2 out of 5 parents said their teenage driver has already been involved in a serious auto accident.

Phones and Friends are a Distraction for Teen Drivers

  • Distraction includes phone use, texting, playing games, taking photos, selecting music, interacting with a map, engaging with friends, and more.
  • 90% of teens in fatal crashes had teen passengers to distract them.
  • Teen texting leads to 1.6 million auto accidents a year in the USA.
  • Texting while driving is 6 times more likely to cause an auto accidents then drinking.
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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can prevent up to 90% of auto accidents

  • AAA estimates that nearly all auto accidents could have been prevented if either driver had as little as 2.5 seconds warning.
  • Following distance monitoring has proven to dramatically reduce rear-end collisions.
  • Blind spot detection and lane departure warning reduce highway collisions.

It Costs an Average of $1500 a year to add a 16 Year old Driver to their parents insurance

  • It cost over $800 a month for full coverage private insurance for a 16 year old driver.
  • Usage-Based-Insurance using telematics can reduce auto insurance rates by 20% or more.
  • Driver telematics tracking and gamification has proven to promote good driving habits.
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Join us on our journey to make the roads safer for our children





 Distracted Driver Monitoring

  • Phone Use
  • Passenger Count
  • Seat Belt Use
  • Drowsiness
  • Inebriation

 Advanced Driver Awareness

  • Following Distance
  • Blind Spot
  • Lane Keeping
  • Pedestrian Detection
  • Backup Camera
  • Oncoming Vehicle Detection

 Connected Car Telematics

  • Location
  • Speeding
  • Cornering
  • Braking
  • Acceleration

 Positive Driver Authentication

  • Internal, Private Facial Recognition
  • Authorized Drivers
  • Theft Detection
  • Driver Logging
  • Driver Specific Telematics

 Driver and Parent App

  • Driver Notification of Bad Driving Habits
  • Parental Review
  • Driver Authorization
  • Driving Gamification
  • Vehicle Maintenance Alerts


When, Where, How
Know where, when, how, and with who your teenage driver drives.

Know exactly who is getting behind the wheel of your teenage driver's car.

Immediate Notification
Get immediate notifications if your teenage driver has an auto accident and optionally automatically alert first responders and insurance companies.

Reduce Insurance
Driver Specific Usage Based Insurance Capable with Multiple Driver Tracking per Vehicle.

Join us on our journey to make the roads safer for our children