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A couple years ago I was driving in Seattle and was hit by a distracted driver. A week later a good friend, James, was struck by a distracted driver while waiting at a stoplight, put in the hospital, permanently injured, and lost his only source of income.

My co-founders and I all have driving aged daughters. These accidents happened to us, but it could have happened to them…

AirGO.Ai exists to find a way to protect our children and parents when they get behind the wheel. We have over a 100 years of experience creating and selling products that make life and work easier but don’t really make a difference where it matters, our families’. AirGO.Ai is our way of giving back and making that difference for our children. I invite you to join us on our journey to make driving safer for your and our families.


Jeff Zika

Founder and Chief Engineer

Serial entrepreneur with several startups in SE Asia and the US including consulting services, airline logistics, commuter airlines, and UAV design and production companies. He spent over 10 years at Microsoft, HP/Compaq/ Digital, and Getronics after service in the United States Navy in Gulf War I.

Jeff Muzzy

Founder and Chief Technology

35 year IT veteran from Microsoft and Blackmoon Design. At Microsoft he led teams that designed and released Microsoft Windows (1.0 – XP, Win 10), Microsoft Word, Excel and Exchange and was a system architect for MSN Backend Services and Application Architecture. As CEO of Blackmoon Design he worked with Ford (SYNC), GM (OnStar), Nissan-Renault, and Chrysler-Fiat on connected car and IOT initiatives.

Eric Jacobsen

Founder and Chief Data Officer

Database specialist with experience at multiple startups and decades at Microsoft including designing and writing substantial portions of shipped products. 

Rob Bowman

Founder and Chief Program Manager

Software and Online Service Services industry veteran of Microsoft, Adobe Systems, GE Digital, and software startups. Deep experience in software design, project and program management, releases and deployments, and QA Management on both small and large development teams. 

The AirGO.Ai Team

Andy Poss

Andy Poss

Business Development/Design

Dave Ulman

Dave Ulman

Chief Maker, IT

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